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Please Note the following:

Fall 2010 semester begins Wednesday August 18th.  Typically, access to course materials occurs on the first day of classes each semester. However, some instructors may grant access earlier.

Note: Some instructors may require you to enroll and complete the Free Online Student Orientation located inside the ANGEL system with a score of 80% or better prior to the start of the course.  You will be notified of this requirement when you attempt to login to your course.  Failure to complete the assessment and participate in your credit course may result in being dropped for non-attendance with no refund. 

Students who wish to enroll in a credit course must do so prior to the first day the course meets.  Students may not enroll on or after the first day a course begins.  No late enrollment will be allowed.  JCCC offers many courses that start later in the semester.  To search for classes that have not begun, go to the JCCC Credit Class Search and select the  "Late Start" tab.

Instructors may provide specific requirements for their courses using our Online Course Information Guide.

         Toll-Free Phone Number for Student Support:  866-896-5893

           Distance Learning Tutorials and Videos

ANGEL Server http://dl.jccc.edu

Additional Information is available on our Distance Learning Page http://jccc.edu/distancelearning


The materials on these course web sites are only for the use of students enrolled in these courses for purposes associated with these courses and may not be retained or further disseminated. Further, Johnson County Community College (JCCC) requires its faculty, staff, and students to comply with the United States Copyright Act. Faculty, students and staff shall download, possess, or store only lawfully acquired copyrighted materials and use, adapt, distribute, or perform them only in ways consistent with the Copyright act, associated case law, the Fair Use principle, and the intellectual property rights of others (read JCCC’s Copyright Policy and Guidelines at http://www.jccc.edu/home/depts/003100/site/desk_ref_toc/copyright_toc).