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ENGL 227: Introduction to Poetry; Jim McWard

Getting started
I e-mail students information through their JCCC e-mail accounts. Students also should check my Distance Learning Welcome Page by going to my home page at
On-Campus Class Meetings
No on-campus meetings are required for 121, 122, 130, 227, 230, 241, or 254. Students in English 254: Masterpieces in Cinema are responsible for watching a specific film each week. If students don't mind watching the films in the JCCC library, they can
All courses feature online quizzes. Literature courses (130, 227, 230, 241, and 254) may also require online midterms and final exams.
Self-paced or deadlines
These courses are not self-paced. There are weekly due dates for such things as writing exercises, quizzes, online discussions, and papers.
Frequency of course access
Students should plan on accessing the course a few times each week.
Basic online format
Blackboard is used extensively in my courses. Quizzes and writing assignments are all submitted through Blackboard. Students need to abide by specific time frame parameters; online quizzes and online threaded discussions take place each week.
All classes require that students use at least one textbook. For information about specific textbooks, review the Welcome Page on my web site (</dd><dd>Textbook information is also available online at the JCCC Booksto
Computer skills required
Students must have a reliable Internet connection and know how to attach and upload files.
Success tip