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BUS 150: Business Communications; Karen Gaines

Getting started
Students should be able to log into the Angel system and be able to maneuver throughout the program.
On-Campus Class Meetings
No tests on campus. All tests will be taken though the online program.
Self-paced or deadlines
There is a calendar that I strongly advise students to follow for turning in assignments, tests and reports.
Frequency of course access
They should plan on accessing the program two or three times a week.
Basic online format
Weekly assignments are accessed and submitted through Angel. There are discussion board postings that students are expected to respond to. In addition to the weekly assignments, students take an online quiz for each chapter. At the end of the program, students write a formal report utilizing the skills learned in the course.
There is an accompanying textbook. Textbook information is available online at the JCCC Bookstore.
Computer skills required
Students need to be able to attach documents to e-mail, write in e-mail, enter discussion boards, etc.
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